I’m passionate about teaching people that selling online is easy and anyone can do it.

My name is Rob and I work with small business to help them sell online.

It isn’t enough to build a website and rely on people finding you, nor will you grow your business just by dropping leaflets in the local area as in years gone by. People buy from people that they like, know and trust.

I told you it was easy.

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was at school, although I was clearly intelligent I struggled to apply myself academically and much preferred to retreat to my own world with a book, a love affair which continues today.

At one point I even started considering a career involving some sort of manual skill, despite the evidence that I had no balance, no manual dexterity and no physical fitness. I couldn’t decide what subjects to study and so chose those that seemed the least boring, and the easiest. I worried about what direction my life would take, gave up on the idea of going to university and accepted that I would never have a job that fulfilled me.

Although I enjoyed making things I lacked the skills and confidence to do so, and was yet to find my love for gardening so I bounced from job to job looking for that elusive spark.

After several jobs in different areas, all of which resulted in quick promotion, I began to gain confidence in my abilities to manage and inspire others, and to sell myself.
I started learning about marketing, and worked as a team leader for an inbound call centre. I worked with staff who weren’t confident in their abiliy to sell, and turned them into sales people.
From there I started paying more attention to selling online and realised that the exact same principles apply.

Now, when I’m not writing my blog or singing in the Major Oak Chorus I am in charge of the internet marketing strategy for several clients.

I enjoy spending time in the garden, like to go and watch the Panthers, and I finally realised that making something is better than making nothing.