Audition time

My audition for the Major Oak Chorus was somewhat sprung on me, and it was sold in a way of, we’re going to have a listen and give you some feedback. After singing What’ll I Do, Joe, the director said, “Well we’d love to have you in the Chorus”.  But now for me, it was time to decide if I wanted to actually join.

I skipped the Christmas concert, and the Lincoln sing out whilst I pondered if I wanted to commit to learning the repertoire to a good enough standard to do myself proud, and then as fate would have it I saw a girl on a dating website who sang. After exchanging a couple of messages it was clear that she got so much from it, I decided I’d give it a go (and well yes OK I thought it wouldn’t hurt my chances).

So, I turned up at rehearsal, told Joe I had decided to join, and got on with learning some of the repertoire and the contest set.

And the girl, well we never got beyond the first date, but I’ll always know it was because of talking to her that I started singing in earnest.

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