Derwent House

As autumn descended last weekend I found myself in Scarborough for the first time, visiting Polly’s parents. It’s a gorgeous house about 5 miles out of Scarborough town centre, right on the river Derwent.

Her parents were having a garden sale prior to selling the family home, so this might be my one and only chance to visit. We travelled up on a wet and windy Thursday evening which meant my first view of the Yorkshire Wolds was not in fact a view at all, but I couldn’t help but smile as Polly reminisced about the beauty, and have a quiet chuckle as we passed the Land of Nod.

On Friday we spent the day preparing, although I did get chance to have a look at the river. I did put my name on a couple of dahlias and a white agapanthus as well as some sage, oregano and rosemary. And admire the cows.

I also got chance to nip into Scarborough proper, although Marine Drive was closed due to the weather so I didn’t get to see the Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers statue. We didn’t have time to go to the Harborough Bar which is apparently still owned by the Alonzi family who opened it in 1945 and it is still themed like a 1950s ice cream parlour so I’ll definitely be going back at some point.

Later that afternoon Polly attempted to explain to someone about the sensory processing disorder. It was quite amusing to hear someone in a different room in a whisper explain to her sister that I could hear things that normal people couldn’t. I went through and pointed out to her that that included her whispering in the kitchen, over the television. Her sister I think thinks this is some sort of amazing gift, and didn’t seem to understand that it can’t be switched off, and that you do in fact hear every sound in range whether you want to or not.

Before I knew it Sunday morning arrived and time to head home. A car full of pots, plants, canes, wigwam supports, and we were ready to head home. Now to look up what I need to do to overwinter my agapanthus.

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