Geo-Location in your Tea Break

Geo-Location (Or how to help people find you) is a must for any bricks and mortar business which has a website.

Although it looks complicated, if you follow these steps you’ll be up and running whist you make and drink a cup of tea.

We make some assumptions in this article, namely that you have and know how to use a Google Webmaster Tools account for your website, that you are familliar using notepad or notepad++, that you have FTP access to your website and of course that you know the address and have a short description ready for your business.

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Sales – after the transaction

I have a pet peeve about shopping online, or rather after shopping online. I’m sure you’ve experienced some of the extremes; so many emails regarding your account being created, your order being accepted, your card being charged, the warehouse staff having a tea break, and the other extreme, thank you for order…and nothing. Make sure you’re not missing repeat sales, check you’re not making these simple to correct mistakes.

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