Facebook Marketing – News Feed Changes Coming in 2015

Facebook recently announced that they are making changes to reduce overly promotional posts in the newsfeed.

This probably won’t surprise many small business owners who have already seen their organic reach decline over the last couple of years.

It’s not really a surprise given that anyone who uses Facebook without paying is actually Facebook’s product. Those that pay for advertising are it’s customers. Why would they not want more customers?

The coming changes are particularly aimed at promotional posts, those that specifically push users to download something, buy something or take part in a promotion.

The thing is, I agree with them. I don’t want to see these types of posts in my timeline, you probably don’t, so why would your customers?

There are still ways that you can achieve a higher than average reach organically, without becoming a customer of Facebook, and I’ll be looking at a few over the coming months.

Image courtesy of Public Domain Photos.

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